Our Bearings

2016, HD video, 3:41 minutes (film stills)

Cave: Our Bearings

In spring 2016, in the span of two months, both of my grandmothers died. When I got back home in summer I felt an urge to read together with my mother, aunts, and cousins – women who are family related but also very different in their views and beliefs at the individual level. I thought this is how I could show the reverence for my deceased grandmothers.

After two months of looking for the right story, location and time, we met together to read a short story The Woman with the Wolf by Mojca Kumerdej in a cave, which is one of the elements presented in the story, and, by coincidence or not, at a time of the full moon.

The meeting was magical and almost historical in a family sense, as it has never happened before that only female members of my family would gather together, let alone for the sake of reading and conversing about the story.

 Our Bearings is a short film based on my exploration of the idea of building interpretive community through shared reading of fiction literature (earlier that year I had initiated a similar gathering in Rotterdam with teenagers of different cultural, social and economic background). The film documents a historical occasion that brought together the female members of a family to look for new ways of dialogue as well as contemplating the role of gender.

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