Hacking Lovely Vida

2016-17, HD video, 9:20 minutes (film still)

Myth: Hacking Lovely Vida

With the film Hacking Lovely Vida (2016) I tried to hack the Slovenian national myth of Lovely Vida (slo. Lepa Vida), which consists of the motives of yearning, migration, race, gender and dangerous of fantasies, to see what role can the myth play today when Slovenian borders are being considered to get closed while there has been an increasing brain drain of emigration among young people in recent history of the country. Many Slovenian writers and poets have written different variations of the myth. I read the texts with my female peers and wrote new texts. In the film, I intertwine different interpretations with personal narratives of participants that had surprisingly many strong connections with the elements of the myth and offered liberating alternatives to some of the variations.

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